Name: Fleur [fluhr]
Age: 19
Occupation: Nurse
Mutation has caused him to grow "flower petals" from his neck. Likes to read and
would love to travel one day.


Name: Caspar "Cas" Darius Lumen [kehs-puhr]
Age: 35
Occupation: (Ex-)Soldier
A soldier that fought in the Imperial Army during the civil war, where he lost more
than just his arm.


Name: Idelle [ay-del]
Age: 18
Occupation: Nurse
Fleur's friend and frequent partner in crime. Despite her playful behaviour, she's
passionate and studies hard to become a priestess.


Name: Moina [moy-nah]
Age: 36
Occupation: Priestess
Fleur's caretaker and mother figure. Though mostly polite, her personality would best
be described as passionate and fiery.


Name: Ariadne [ah-ree-ahd-ne]
Age: 45
Occupation: High Priestess
The Ral'fim monastery's High Priestess. She's strict, but fair. And a tad mysterious.